The vegetable cabbage and its juice have got ulcer healing properties. Research shows that drinking cabbage juice daily helps relieve ulcers in only 10 days.
In addition, cabbage family vegetables like broccoli contain the antioxidant sulforaphane and fiber that help control H. pylori. 

Carrot Juice

Carrot is rich in Vitamin A which protects the linings of the stomach. Drink a glass of fresh carrot juice every day to get relief from h. pylori. Carrot juice works by lubricating the food you eat and also protects your stomach by preventing harmful germs from attacking your stomach.
Carrot Juice
Take a fresh carrot and cut it into small slices. Put them in a juice and drink this juice to get rid of this bacterium. You can also try ginger juice or pineapple juice as a natural remedy.


The parsley helps to reduce the inflammation in the stomach due to ulcers. The bioflavonoid contained in the parsley help to stop the growth of the bacteria H. Pylori.


The herb bilberry is used effectively in Russian countries to fight with the bacteria causing stomach ulcers. This herb decreases the inflammation in the abdomen and intestines and gives protection to the mucous membranes.

The cranberry helps to inhibit the growth of H. Pylori that is responsible for ulcers. You can take cranberry in the form of juice or capsule. This herb is very effective for the treatment of stomach ulcers.

The peptic ulcers can be treated effectively with the use of peppermint. The peppermint can be taken in the form of tea or tablets.
However enteric coated peppermint is suggested as it prevents the problem of heartburn.

Red Clover Tea
The pain in the abdomen can be cured by drinking tea made up of red clover. You can use fresh or dried leaves of red clover for making tea. You can add honey to sweeten it .It should be taken before meals for best results. 

The corn oil is very good for the treatment of ulcers and also it helps to prevent the recurrence of ulcers. You can take corn oil in your daily cooking else you can take capsules made up of corn or fish oil.
The herb Calendula has got wound healing ability so it helps to heal the ulcers also.
You can take this herb in the form of tincture in a flavored beverage as it is difficult to take it in the form of tea as it tastes bad.