These remedies are very effective and do not leave any side effect

Effective remedies for curing H Pylori Bacteria

Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli Sprouts are rich in sulforaphane, these sprouts are more effective than ripe broccoli. It helps to cure ulcer and gastric problems.
The antibiotic properties of broccoli help to heal stomach infections effectively. Regular consumption of Broccoli eradicates stomach cancer
broccoli sprouts


Elegiac acid that helps to fight with diseases can be found in raspberries in abundance. Either the raspberries are frosty or prepared, they have similar healing properties. Elegiac acid demolishes the bacteria completely that causes stomach infections.


Mastic Gum

Mastic gum also helps to fight this disorder. For best results mastic gum must be used for two to three months regularly. While buying mastic gum, never compromise with the quality.
mastic gum

Cabbage Juice

To cure H pylori bacteria, cabbage juice is another effective remedy. Wash cabbage with boiled water and cut off the cabbage leaves. Use mixer grinder juicer to get the juice of cabbage leaves.
cabbage juice


It can be found easily at home. Consuming one garlic clove with two servings of broccoli is effective treatment to cure H pylori bacteria. Traditionally, garlic is the powerful healing ingredient for several disorders.

Manuka Honey

Manuka is a small tree, native to New Zealand and its solution is very effective in fighting off with h pylori bacteria. It will wipe out the infection from the body that is essential to cure h pylori bacteria.
manuka honey


Consuming the appropriate amount of bilberry two times in a day can cure this illness. It helps to beef up the blood vessels.
The tannic acid in bilberry helps to cure diarrhea which is the main cause in birthing h pylori bacteria.


Leaves of Calendula also help to get rid of h pylori bacteria. Boil ten gram leaves of Calendula for at least ten to 15 minutes. Consume this solution three times in day for effective results.


Lemon is an effective remedy to kill infection. Consumption of lemon juice helps to cure gastric problems. The antibiotic properties of lemon help to heal h pylori bacteria.


From several years ginger is used for natural treatment of various diseases. It helps to make the immune system strong and protect from ulcers. Its medicinal properties alleviate fast recovery from stomach disorders.


Licorice root is also helpful in healing h pylori bacteria. Antibacterial properties of licorice fight with the infection to cure this disease.


Cinnamon is a home ingredient and very common antibiotic. It kills the stomach infection quickly that helps in curing h pylori bacteria.


It is highly effective in curing ulcers and gastric problems. Its menthol properties soothe the digestive system proficiently. It can also cure several toxic infections.


It helps to heal several stomach infections that help to cure h pylori bacteria in an efficient manner. It gives better results if consumed with peppermint.