The IBS Diet Plan

Here are the top foods that are easy for the body to digest which will allow your body to heal from IBS:
Homemade bone broth – will provide your body with proline and glycine which makeup collagen which can help repair intestinal permeability.

Raw cultured dairy – Probiotic foods like kefir, can help heal the gut and balance your microflora, look for raw, organic goat milk dairy that doesn’t contain A1 casein.

Water – Hydration is critical to keep the digestive system healthy, so try to drink 8 ounces of fluids every 2 hours.

Clean lean protein – Protein deficiency is common in people with bowel disease, therefore try to eat at least 3-4 oz of protein per meal.

Fresh vegetable juice – can help provide critical electrolytes.

Vegetables – Non-starchy vegetables steamed are easy to digest and are an essential part of the IBS diet.

Healthy fats – 
in moderation, egg yolks, salmon, avocados, ghee and coconut oil are easy on the gut and promote healing.

Fruit – in moderation with 1 serving early in the day is OK on a gut healing diet.  If IBS is severe, you may steam apples and pears to make homemade apple sauce.

IBS Foods to Avoid

Conventional dairy – Pasteurized dairy can be hard to digest and can make digestive symptoms worse.
Gluten – A gluten-free diet can help improve the symptoms of bowel disease, avoid all foods made with or containing wheat.
Sugar and refined flour – Bacteria love to eat sugar and sugar reduces immune system functioning.
Caffeine – Can stimulate the digestive tract increasing inflammation.
Any potential allergen – Diarrhea can result from food allergies, common culprits include gluten, nuts, shellfish, and dairy.
Spicy Foods – Hot and spicy foods can cause IBS symptoms to become worse fast.
Grains – Any type of whole grain will contain phytic acid and starch which can irritate the intestinal lining causing gut issues.

Top 5 IBS Treatments and Natural Remedies

#1 Probiotics (50-100 billion units daily)Probiotics can help re-colonize the gut with healthy bacteria.
#2 Digestive Enzymes (2 before each meal)
These enzymes will help with nutrient absorption.
#3 L-glutamine powder (5 grams 2x daily)Glutamine is an amino acid that helps repair the digestive tract, especially important for people with chronic diarrhea.
#4 Aloe Vera Juice (1/2 cup 3x daily)
Aloe is healing to the digestive system.
#5 Fish oil (1000 mg daily)
The EPA/DHA in fish oil reduce inflammation in GI tract.
Bonus RemediesSlippery elm, ginger, peppermint oil and licorice root can also help soothe intestinal inflammation.
Lifestyle RemedyIf you have IBD you may notice that times of stress will flare up this condition.  Keep stress levels low by scheduling rest during the week, fun activities, and performing hobbies you enjoy.