Normal Stomach Function

Your natural production of stomach acid can be stimulated and enhanced easily, safely and cost-effectively with cabbage.

Yes – cabbage!

Cabbage is a reflux remedy as it naturally stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid (HCL) to permit digestion to proceed normally without a secondary wave of acid from paralyzing the sphincter and causing putrifying stomach contents to erupt back into the throat.
You can juice it and drink some before eating or make yourself some good old coleslaw, the kind grandma used to make – ).

Or, here it comes, just eat some traditionally fermented sauerkraut.

Cabbage and particularly fermented cabbage, sauerkraut, is a reflux remedy that is about as simple as you can get!
Sauerkraut is treasured traditionaly in various parts of Europe. 

Cabbage as a Natural Reflux Remedy
In order to have a comfortable digestive experience all day long, start the morning by eating a quarter cup or so of sauerkraut or plain shredded cabbage five minutes before your meal.
Just be sure that first meal is a good one, such as soaked porridge, eggs with some cooked veggies or fruit on the side and maybe a little homemade broth for good measure.

If you’re eating processed cereals with skim milk, pop-tarts or doughnuts for breakfast, forget about the cabbage as nothing will help. Just take your purple pills.