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is a trace mineral, meaning it is needed in a very small quantity. Its primary role is to help form hemoglobin and collagen in the body.
A deficiency in copper results in poorly formed red blood cells, known as anemia. It also is an antioxidant, helping with the elimination of free radicals.
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Copper deficiency symptoms can include increased parasitic infections, weakness from anemia and leaky gut.
Copper must stay in balance with zinc and iron in the body as well and if you consume too much of one it can throw the others out of balance.
The RDA for copper is 900 mcg/day. 
The Daily Value is 2 mg.

Copper Rich Foods 

1) Beef liver3 oz: 14 mg, over 100% 
Beef liver3: fried beef liver with vegetables
2) Dark chocolate 1 square: 0.9 mg 45% 
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3) Dried apricots1 cup: 0.69mg (34% 
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4) Sunflower seeds¼ cup: 0.63 mg -- 31% 
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5) Almonds¼ cup: 0.4 mg, 20% DV
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6) Blackstrap molasses2 tsp: 0.28 mg | 14% DV

7) Lentils1 cup: 0.5mg | 25% DV

8) Mushrooms1 cup: 0.43 mg | 20% DV

Copper in Walnuts
0.25 cup




Copper in Sesame Seed
0.25 cup









 Sesame Seed206163%




 Sunflower See20470%


 Garbanzo B26964%



 Lima Beans21649%