Broccoli to Control H. Pylori
Broccoli contains a remarkably potent compound called sulforaphane, that kills off the H. pylori bacteria that cause most ulcers."   Doctor William Douglass MD

Sulforaphane is able to completelySeradicate H. pylori. Eating just 2.5 ounces of broccoli sprouts daily had significantly lower levels of H. pylori, also showed less inflammation in the stomach as well.”   Johns Hopkins University

If you have stomach problems, please consider making broccoli sprouts a staple in your diet. It might keep you from getting reinfected with H. pylori once you are rid of it. It might also lower your stomach inflammation regardless of cause. They're good for anyone with gastritis, ulcer disease, or perhaps even reflux problems.”   Doctor Robert Rowen MD

"According to researchers, the same lutein and zeaxanthin content that enables avocado to protect eye health also inhibits Helicobacter pylori— 13"   Avocados Super-Enhanced Carotenoid Absorption
“A dose of vitamin C of 5 grams daily for 4 weeks was found to significantly inhibit H Pylori in one report.”

Consuming greater amounts of vitamin K, present in celery, can decrease the risk of developing type II diabetes. The benefits of celery can also be attributed to its unique ability to fight H. pylori, a bacterium that leads to a near three-fold increase in the risk of type II diabetes.20 

An anti-microbial compound in celery seeds that is highly effective in blocking the growth of gastric H. pylori.21"   Time to Celebrate Celery 

Coconut Oil 
H.Pylori Is rapidly inactivated by medium-chain monoglycerides and lauric acid  in Coconut Oil and there appeared to be very little development of resistance of the organism to the bactericidal effects of these natural  antimicrobials.”  Petschow et al 1996

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