Cabbage is leafy vegetable that’s low in calories, but rich in nutrients which boost your health on many levels.

1# Immune system
The first important thing cabbage juice does is improve your immune system function by stimulating T cells, which are responsible for a variety of immune responses in the body. Owing to its ingredient – histidine, cabbage juice also relieves symptoms of allergies.
2# Anemia
Cabbage juice is packed with large amounts of folic acid, which stimulates the creation of new blood cells in the body. That’s why drinking raw cabbage juice is highly recommended as a natural treatment of anemia.

3# Arthritis
The rich selenium content in cabbage juice effectively relieves symptoms of arthritis. Also, cabbage juice has strong anti-inflammatory properties which are extremely beneficial for alleviating various other degenerative disorders caused by chronic inflammation.

4# Boost Brain Function
Abundant in vitamin K and anthocyanins, cabbage significantly improves mental function and concentration. These nutrients are extremely important for prevention of nerve damage, which makes them a great ally in fighting dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Red cabbage is particularly beneficial for this.

5# Heart Disease
As mentioned above, cabbage juice is rich in selenium, which provides great protection against heart disease. Plus, it packs Omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for cardiovascular health and prevention of hypertension, heart failure and strokes.
7# Inflammation
A powerful anti-inflammatory, cabbage juice is extremely beneficial for treatment of degenerative inflammatory diseases. It’s full of amino acids, which can also efficiently reduce skin inflammation.

8# Anti-aging
Last, but not least, cabbage juice has anti-aging properties that prevent skin dryness and appearance of fine lines.