Sweet potatoes have a soothing effect on the stomach and the intestines.  B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, beta carotene, potassium and calcium are all very effective in curing stomach ulcers. Moreover, the roughage in sweet potatoes prevents constipation and the resultant acid formation, to reduce the chance of ulcers.
The anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of sweet potatoes also reduce the pain and inflammation of the ulcers.

Stomach Ulcers
 If you are suffering with stomach ulcers, go for sweet potato in your diet as soon as possible. Vitamin C, beta carotene, B vitamins, potassium, and calcium alleviate the possibility of ulcers.

Sweet potatoes 

are prosperously rich with the dietary fibres, which keeps the digestive tract clean and induces healthy elimination and digestion.


Sweet potatoes have anti-inflammatory properties, although they do not belong to the same family as common potato. This is due to the presence of beta-carotene, vitamin-C and magnesium. It is equally effective in curing internal and external inflammation.

Sweet potatoes are effective for curing congestion of the nose, bronchi and lungs, giving relief from asthma.
The concentration of vitamin C, iron and other nutrients help to cure bronchitis. Sweet potatoes are believed to be capable of warming up the body, possibly due to nutrients that impact body temperature.


Beta-carotene, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin-B complex make sweet potatoes a hugely important food source for managing arthritis. The water where sweet potatoes are boiled can also be applied externally on joints to ease the associated pain of arthritis.


The fiber content of sweet potatoes is higher than that of common potatoes and they taste good too! When these two factors are combined with other minerals like magnesium, which is present in sweet potatoes, it makes an excellent facilitator for digestion. Sweet potatoes are easy to digest as well, since they mainly contain starch.
They are very soothing for the stomach and intestines.
The beta carotene and vitamin-C contained in sweet potatoes are very beneficial for curing various types of cancer, mainly those of the colon, intestines, prostrate, kidneys and other internal organs.


Sweet potatoes are beneficial for diabetics. Amazingly, they are very effective in regulating blood sugar levels by helping the proper secretion and function of insulin. The idea is that sweet potatoes can replace rice or carbohydrate intake as a healthier option.

Water Balance   The fiber or roughage present in sweet potatoes helps the body retain water. This maintains water balance in the body, keeping your hydrated and your cells functioning efficiently.

Weight Gain

This benefit is quite easy to understand. Sweet potatoes are sweet, and they contain very good amounts of complex starch, along with healthy vitamins, minerals and some proteins so, they are very easy to digest.
They provide a lot of energy and are excellent for people looking to gain weight.
People who have recently suffered from illnesses, or abnormally thin should welcome this news about sweet potatoes, since there are no associated side effects, which most of the synthetic bulk building dietary supplements have.

Other Benefits
They are effective for helping people quit addictions like smoking, drinking and taking certain narcotics. They are good for the health of the arteries and veins, as they protect their walls against hardening. 

The high concentration of beta carotene and phosphorus are excellent for both ocular and cardiac health.

 So, go out and grab a sweet potato for your next meal, they are delicious and nutritious. Yummy!