An egg is known to be a meal in itself. They are rich in nutrients and are known to be a good source of iron, riboflavin, Folate and vitamin B12.
According to the USDA(United states Department of Agriculture) , per 100 grams of an egg contains 0.457 mg riboflavin, 47 microgram Folate, 0.89 microgram vitamin B12 and 1.75mg iron all of which as read before help fight against anemia.
According to a study done , school children in rural China were fed an egg a day and results were observed over a period of a month , it was concluded though only an egg isn’t the complete solution for anemia , slight raise in the hemoglobin levels were seen ; though further studies are required to be done.
In another study the nutrient benefits of quail eggs were studied. It was concluded that the eggs maybe a good potential to resolve “World Food Problem”.
The above stated nutrients help in good production of hemoglobin and proper functioning red blood cells.
What it means: Eggs are a complete meal in itself, rich in vitamins- riboflavin, Folate and B12; and a good source of iron.

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