Bone Broth

How to Add L-Glutamine to Your Diet

Animal Products
The richest source of L-glutamine is 100% grass-fed bone broth.You can also find L-glutamine in meat, chicken, seafood, fish, whey protein and eggs. If you choose to add L-glutamine to your diet from animal sources, it’s best to choose organic, grass fed, wild and pasture raised animal products whenever possible.Organic, free range animal products will contain fewer hormones and antibiotics than farmed animals. Farmed animals have been shown to contain higher levels of hormones and antibiotics, which act as toxins that may contribute to damaging the gut lining.
Plant Foods
Some plant based foods also contain moderate levels of L-glutamine, such as cabbage, lentils, green beans and quinoa. Soaked and sprouted nuts such as almonds and walnuts are also good sources of L-glutamine.
L-Glutamine Supplements
While you can obtain L-glutamine from several dietary sources, healing leaky gut may require a higher concentration of L-glutamine than what food alone can offer. In this case, taking an L-glutamine supplement can help accelerate gut healing, and take your health to the next level.L-glutamine supplements come in capsule or powdered form, which can be added to your smoothies. The best form of L-glutamine to take is called Alanyl-L-Glutamine as it’s the easiest form for your body to absorb. You can find Alanyl-L-Glutamine at most natural health food or supplement stores.
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As you can see, the importance of preventing or healing leaky gut cannot be overstated when it comes to maintaining your health. By gradually reducing the amount of inflammatory foods in your diet, managing stress, and eating gut supportive nutrients each day such as L-glutamine, you can bet your gut health will quickly improve so you can live life feeling your absolute best.