The Instant pH Raiser

Balancing the pH            
Alkaline Dietary Supplements
    Calcium and Magnesium — Both minerals are alkaline and offer a substantial contribution to keeping the system balanced
The Instant pH Raiser

The pH of plain water is a neutral 7, so when you drink water it naturally raises the pH.

Tap water is full of chemicals like chlorine that are ok for washing dishes, but not for drinking.

So Try one of the bottled waters like Evian® or Fiji®. And if you really want to raise your pH level, try Evamor® artesian water, which registers a 9.0 on the pH scale due to its high mineral content.

    Alkalinizing Powder — Powders specially formulated to maintain pH balance can be a real help if you tend to consume few fruits and vegetables.
Green supplements —
Green supplements are highly alkaline and really do a great job, especially if you are unable to eat leafy greens like spinach and romaine every day.

Chlorella tablets are a particularly easy — and effective—way to get green nutrition.

When the body is more alkaline and less acidic, its systems function more efficiently. The typical American diet is high in acid-forming proteins and cereal grains and lower in acid --- buffering vegetables.  Dietary changes can boost alkalinity as well.

The Alkaline Supplements

The minerals potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese and iron buffer acids and help keep the acid/alkaline balance. Alkaline supplements contain a blend of these "alkaline minerals" in a solution. These minerals are found in foods like leafy greens, bananas, squash, oranges, nuts and seeds.

Make Dietary Changes

It's best to bring the acid/alkaline level into balance, increase your vegetable intake and lower your intake of acid-forming foods like meat, meat and dairy.

Importance of Alkaline Balance

Vegetables encourage alkalinity, while foods like meat and dairy raise acid levels. The net acid load diet influences the risk for chronic diseases.