Cabbage may not be the trendiest of vegetables, but it has been a mainstay of our diets for centuries. It’s versatile, it comes in many different varieties and it’s surprisingly good for you too. Read on and find out just how good for you it is, with these ten health benefits of cabbage:

1. Cabbage is good for the brain
Cabbage, especially red cabbage, has a very high Vitamin K content, which helps with your mental functions and improves your concentration. It also helps to prevent damage to the nerves and provides you with a defence against Alzheimer’s disease.

2. It has anti-ageing properties
Health benefits of cabbage include anti-ageing. Eating cabbage regularly can help to slow down the signs of ageing. It contains a good supply of Vitamin C, which keeps the skin looking young and healthy.

3. It improves the complexion
Cabbage is great for the skin, thanks to its Vitamin A content, which rejuvenates the tissues. It also contains Folate, which human body uses to repair DNA and it also helps in cell division and growth; cabbage also contains Vitamin E that nourishes skin.

 4. It boosts your immune system
Cabbage is very good for your immune system too, so it can help to keep infections and disease at bay. Cabbage contains phytonutrients and antioxidants, as well as it’s high in Vitamin C, all of which help to boost your immune system.

5. The blood clotting
A single portion of cabbage contains about 80% of your daily requirement of Vitamin K. It is this vitamin that the body uses in the blood clotting process, so, if you find that you bleed for a long time when you have cut yourself, try eating more cabbage.

6. It is a good source of folic acid
All leafy green vegetables, like cabbage, are good sources of folic acid (or folate).

7. It helps you lose weight
Health benefits of cabbage also include weight loss. Cabbage is a fibre rich, low calorie food which can easily be added to many meals. Increase your portion size of cabbage, and it will leave you feeling full but for less calories. A single, average sized serving of cabbage (1 cup), contains less than 25 calories.

  8. Combat heart disease
Heart disease is generally caused by the arteries becoming blocked with bad cholesterol. Cabbage is cholesterol free and it contains plenty of dietary fibre, which helps to remove cholesterol from the body.
9. Good for the digestion
Better digestion is another one of wonderful health benefits of cabbage. We are probably all familiar with the noticeable ‘side effect’ that cabbage can have on some people! That is because cabbage is such a good source of fibre, which means that you can eat it to cure constipation and it will also help your digestive system running smoothly. You know what we mean!

10. Protect against cancer
Eating cabbage can help to protect you against the effects of carcinogens. The vegetable contains phytonutrients and glucosinolates, which are believed to be effective in fighting off cancer.

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