Remedies for Anemia

Anemia is a common blood disorder and you can easily treat and prevent this anemia type that was caused due to nutritional deficiency and here are the effective natural remedies that increases the red blood cells count or till the hemoglobin level becomes normal range.

Your body needs iron to make hemoglobin. Your body can more easily absorb iron from meats than from vegetables or other foods. To treat your anemia, your doctor may suggest eating more meat—especially red meat (such as beef or liver), as well as chicken, turkey, pork, fish, and shellfish.
Nonmeat foods that are good sources of iron include:
  • Spinach and dark green leafy vegetables
  • Peas; lentils, soybeans and chickpeas
  • Dried prunes, raisins, and apricots
  • Prune juice
  • Iron-fortified cereals and breads

Iron also is available as a supplement. It's usually combined with multivitamins and other minerals that help your body absorb iron.
Doctors may recommend iron supplements for premature infants, infants and young children who drink a lot of cow's milk, and infants who are fed breast milk only or formula that isn't fortified with iron.
Large amounts of iron can be harmful, so take iron supplements only as your doctor prescribes.
Vitamin B12
Low levels of vitamin B12 can lead to pernicious anemia. This type of anemia often is treated with vitamin B12 supplements.
Good food sources of vitamin B12 include:
          • B12 beef, liver, poultry, and fish Eggs and dairy products, milk, yogurt, and cheese)
          • Foods fortified with vitamin B12

    Folic Acid

    Folic acid (folate) is a form of vitamin B that's found in foods. Your body needs folic acid to make and maintain new cells. It helps them avoid anemia. Good sources of folic acid include:
      Chicken liver
        • Eggs
        • Bananas, oranges, orange juice.
          • Spinach and dark green leafy vegetables
            Black-eyed peas and dried beans

                    Vitamin C

                    Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron. Good sources of vitamin C are vegetables and fruits, especially citrus fruits. Citrus fruits include oranges, grapefruits, tangerines.

                    Other food rich in vitamin C include kiwi, strawberries, and cantaloupes, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, and leafy green vegetables like spinach.

                    Foods with lots of antioxidants as well as protein foods such as eggs help replenish vitamins lost during an anemic condition. Eggs provide a generous supply of dietary nutrients with very few calories.
                    One large egg contains about 1mg of iron which provides about 7% RNI (Reference Nutrient Intake) for females and 11% RNI for males. The assimilation of iron increases when supplemented with ascorbic acid (vitamin C), so have a glass of orange juice with your eggs. Regular consumption of eggs also helps build strong joints and bones.


                    is rich in vitamin A, B9, E and C, calcium, iron and beta carotene. You just need half cup of this spinach to cure the anemia. From this 1/2 cup of boiled spinach you can get 3.2 mg of iron and also oxalic acid that interferes with the iron absorption by the body but make sure that not to boil the leaves for more than 2 – 3 minutes as this reduces the oxalic acid levels in these leaves.

                    is another excellent natural remedy used to treat anemia. it increases the count of red blood cells and haemoglobin in the blood with its rich source of iron, copper and manganese. You can take honey directly or mixed with some other ingredients.
                      is one such powerful house of animal iron that helps to supply the important nutrients for the body to get rid of the anemia. Liver provides you around 16 – 85% of daily requirement.

                      This liver also has rich source of vitamin B and B12, copper, zinc, phosphorus, etc. But remember that to eat the organ liver meat from the animals that are freshly pastured, not commercial feed. Regular intake of this iron rich liver will help a lot to prevent the anemia and to strengthen up your immunity system also.

                      Blackstrap molasses
                      is an age old remedy that was effectively used to fight against the anemia. It has high levels of iron, folate (a natural source of folic acid) and has many B vitamins that helps to increase the production of red blood cells efficiently in the blood. All the people even diabetic sufferers can also take this molasses due to its low glycemic index. 

                      is highly beneficial to treat the people who suffer from the anemia that was caused due to the iron deficiency. It is rich in iron content along with fiber, calcium, sulfur, vitamins and potassium. It helps to cleanse the body and finely supply more of oxygen and this increases the red blood cell count in the body. Beetroot has high amount of folic acid, fiber and potassium that helps to treat this anemia problem very effectively.

                      • is high in iron and folic acid. Parsley which is of 100gms (quantity) contains 5.5 mg of iron which generally comes from 1/2 cup of fresh parsley or else a tablespoon of dried parsley herb. This measurement can easily meet the body’s daily requirement of iron. Vitamin C is also rich in parsley that helps the body to absorb the iron very quickly and effectively. Here are few ways on how to use this parsley in treating the anemia.


                      Sesame Seeds
                      are also an excellent remedy for treating the anemia problem. Black sesame seeds are most preferred for this problem because of its rich iron source in it.
                      Here are few methods that you can follow them to prevent the anemia.

                      As per Nutritional values of dates, every 100 gms of dates contain 0.90 mg of iron. Regular intake of these dates will help to increase the hemoglobin in the blood and this cures the anemia. It is also rich in minerals like magnesium, calcium, manganese and copper. This copper in dates is very much needed for the red blood cells production in the blood. So, to treat this anemia problem, you have to eat these dates in daily diet.

                      Intake of more iron is not a complete thing to cure the anemia but here you have the ability to absorb that iron into the body to cure this anemia problem. So for this proper absorption of iron into the blood and body, tomatoes will stand first than any other foods. These tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and lycopene in which vitamin C in tomatoes are very essential for the absorption of iron and prevents the anemia.

                      has excellent source of various nutrients like sodium, calcium, potassium, fiber, iron and protein. This raisin (or dried grapes) of 100 gms provides you with 1.88 mg of iron. It is an age old remedy to treat anemia and many traditional medicines has been used this to treat anemia.

                      Whole grains and Nuts

                      This remedy is especially used effectively for the people who eat vegetarian food. Vegetables, whole grains, beans and lentils has rich source of non – heme iron. Particularly the legumes, whole grains and nuts are considered as the best vegetarian source of iron and folic acid. But you have to balanced vegetarian diet why because the heme iron is easily absorbed by the body when compared to non – heme iron. So to prevent this problem and to have balanced diet, you have to avoid certain other vegetarian food. Here are some ways said on how to include this iron rich food in your vegetarian diet.

                      Dried black currant
                      has high concentrations of iron and vitamin C and this is very effective for treating the anemia.
                      Vitamin C in these currants will help to enhance the ability of body’s absorption of iron and then it increases the RBC and hemoglobin.

                      is high in iron and other enzymes which are very essential for the Anemia. It also has good source of magnesium that perfectly aids in hemoglobin synthesis.

                      Having balanced diet regularly is very much essential to prevent the anemia and also its recurrence.

                      Anemia is a treatable condition, simply adding more iron-containing foods to the daily menu like liver, meats, seafood, nuts, dried fruits, green leafy vegetables, or taking iron pills.