Health Benefits Of Tart Cherry Juice

Tart cherry juice can be so good for you that it practically has super powers. The pain-relief power of aspirin. Remarkably powerful antioxidant effects. Significant anti-heart disease benefits. The ability to tamp down muscle soreness. 

Health Benefits Of Tart Cherry Juice

The scientists investigated that Tart cherries may help reduce the chronic inflammation that produces the debilitating joint pain of arthritis. Tart cherries, possess the highest anti-inflammatory content of any food and could be a key component for helping people control their osteoarthritis.The pigments that provide the red color for tart cherries, natural chemicals called anthocyanins, have been specifically linked to the cherries’ high antioxidant capacity. These antioxidants may reduce inflammation at levels comparable to well-known pain medications. So.. Why not consume Tart Cherries when there’s so much science to support the anti-inflammatory benefits of this Super Fruit?

Muscle Recovery ...
Researchers suggest that the powerful antioxidant compounds in cherry juice likely decreased oxidative damage to the athletes’ muscles  allowing the muscles to recover more quickly.

Sleep Benefits
Tart Cherries and tart cherry juice have another benefit that could be especially helpful for the millions of Americans who have trouble sleeping.
They are a natural source of melatonin, a hormone that lowers your risk of insomnia.
A study published in the 
European Journal of Nutrition found that when adults had two daily glasses of tart cherry juice, they slept 40 minutes longer, on average, and had up to a 7 percent increase in overall sleep efficiency.

Cherries  …. Best Food that cleanse the liver


Melatonin ... which your body also produces is a powerful antioxidant critical for regulating the sleep-wake cycle. Each serving of the tart cherry juice concentrate, provides a significant level of melatonin in the juice.
Americans spend more than $84 million on over-the-counter sleep aids every year and are often dissatisfied with the results.

Heart Protection
The antioxidants in tart cherry juice may also help protect the cardiovascular system from harm and slow inflammation. Eight ounces of tart cherry juice daily for a month reduced markers of inflammation in the blood of 10 overweight and obese people. Many of the people in this study experienced lower levels of uric acid, linked to gout and inflammation and triglycerides .. blood fats that contribute to heart disease.

When researchers used Tart Cherry powder as 1 percent of the diet in lab tests, it reduced inflammation markers in the blood like C reactive protein, an important sign of potential heart disease risk.

Antioxidant benefits
Tart Cherries contain a diverse combination of antioxidant compounds and phytochemicals that researchers believe can convey crucial health benefits and it has ability to absorb harmful free radicals.


Tart Cherry Juice has body’s ability to fight off oxidative damage slows, leaving you more to the vicissitudes of aging. Research on oxidative stress in older, shows that tart cherry juice may help offset these types of developments. All of these studies have uncovered remarkable benefits linked to Tart cherry juice.

Cherry juice can also help gout, arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, headaches, and fibromyalgia.
The anti-inflammatory properties of tart cherries work like naproxen and ibuprofen -- by blocking COX enzymes. Therefore a concentrate can ALLEVIATE CHRONIC PAIN associated with INFLAMMATION, but without negative side effects. Tart red cherry juice may be even MORE effective than aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen for arthritis pain and inflammation.
  • Providing relief from pain and inflammation, cherry juice does NOT cause the damaging side effects common with nonsteroidal ant-inflammatory drugs ... NSAIDs.

  • The amount of anthocyanins in 20 cherries is enough to shut down the enzymes that are involved in tissue inflammation.