Milk Kefir

Kefir|Kêh-feer is a fermented milk beverage, rich in probiotics, vitamins, minerals and is nearly lactose free. Kefir has been called a God sent, feel-good, healing drink due to its numerous health benefits
    Kefir is a powerful, all-natural probiotic
    • 20-30 types of live beneficial bacteria and yeast all living together.
    • typical yogurt usually only contains one or two live micro cultures
  • Many vitamins, minerals, other elements can be found in kefir
    • Kefir contains many group B vitamins, vitamin A, C, D, E, K2, folic acid, biotin, macroelements such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium
    • It has microelements such as iron, zinc, iodine, selenium, and manganese
  • Kefir is high in protein and low in calories
    • It is excellent for weight loss
    • One cup of low fat kefir typically provides 7-14 grams of protein with only about 110 calories
  • Kefir is easily digested and even suitable for lactose intolerant people
    • About 99% lactose free
    • Kefir is excellent for GI system
    • Helps to fight GI disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel disease, ulcers, C.diff and other forms of diarrhea, Crohn’s, constipation, leaky gut, liver problems, gallbladder problems, colitis
    • Fights digestive tract infections and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria or fungus such as H.pylori, E. coli, Salmonella, or Candida

Boosts immunity
    • Good for people who are finishing antibiotic regimens to restore intestinal microflora

Kefir helps to fight cancer
    • Scientific articles have been written about anti-malignant properties of kefir. In 2014 International Journal of Oncology revealed study that kefir promotes death of cancerous cells
    • Our company cannot give medical advice and you should always check with your doctor before initiating any therapy

Kefir has a calming the nervous system
  • Helps with stress and insomnia
  • Kefir increase longevity & anti-aging

  • Constipation? Diarrhea? Kefir helps both
  • Kefir helps to strengthen bones
  • Good source of Calcium
  • Helps against osteoporosis
  • Detoxifies the body

  • Improves nutrient absorption

  • Anti-Inflammatory and allergy

  • Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure

  • Beneficial in management of asthma

  • Kefir lower blood sugar in diabetics.

Kefir Benefits

Kefir is More than just beneficial bacteria, Kefir contains minerals and essential amino acids that help your body with its natural healing powers and maintenance functions. 

 Kefir contains 42 different strains of friendly bacteria. The complete proteins in liquid Kefir are partially digested and therefore more easily utilized by the body.   Kefir  has an abundance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes.
Some of the more prominent of these are calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin K, A, C and D. 

Kefir is a potent source of calcium (approx. 300 mg. per cup) that your body can absorb because unsweetened cultured Kefir is acid neutral which is not true of pasteurized milk, as the pasteurization process turns the alkaline raw milk to highly acidic. 

Kefir has tons more beneficial bacteria than yogurt. While 500 ml of yogurt contains close to 1.5 trillion organisms, the same amount of Kefir contains a mind-numbing 5 trillion beneficial and friendly bacteria.


One of the essential amino acids abundant in Kefir, tryptophan is well-known for its relaxing effect on the nervous system.  It also offers loads of calcium and magnesium which are both critical for a healthy nervous system.

Rich in the B Vitamins

Kefir is an excellent source of Vitamin B7 (biotin), which aids the body's absorption of other B vitamins, B1 (Thiamine), B2 (riboflavin) B3 (niacin), B6 (Pyridoxal phosphate), B9 (folic acid), and B12 (cobalamin).

B vitamins intake range from regulation of the normal function of the kidneys, liver and central nervous system.

Kefir may also alleviate anxiety.  Studies have shown that those put on a Kefir diet have consistently had less anxiety. 

Kefir's ample supply of phosphorus – the second most abundant mineral in our bodies helps utilize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for cell growth, maintenance and energy.

Kefir also reduces cholesterol – Studies have shown that milk cultured for 24 hours with live kefir grains has been found to have cholesterol reduced up to 63% and milk that was stored to 48 hours had up to 84%.

Kefir kills harmful bacteria:  Scientists tested the Kefir in the Caucasus Mountains for any type of harmful bacteria.  Within 24 hours the E. Coli was destroyed by Kefir whey’s beneficial bacteria. 

Kefir has also demonstrated the ability to kill H. pylori infections when bacteria alone could not.  This is because when Kefir is consumed as a drink, it creates a healthy mucous lining in the colon, which acts as a good medium to support the growth of beneficial bowel flora which helps to prevent parasitic infections and cancer as well as constipation. 

This means Kefir is beneficial in preventing many gastrointestinal disorders, which exudes bacterial inhibitory factors that prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Various medical reports have shown that Kefir has been helpful in the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, allergies, migraines, gout, rheumatic arthritic conditions, candidiasis and colitis. 

Make Your Own Kefir. Kefir is a very ancient remedy for ill-health and it is economical when you make your own.  Producing drinkable Kefir from Kefir grains is simple and easy.

  As a matter of fact, the store-bought kefir is made so differently than the homemade kind, that it isn’t real kefir at all, but a weak derivative.  Commercial Kefir is made from either a freeze dried powdered form of the culture, which means it has considerably less healing power. 

Studies have shown that commercial kefir did nothing to lower bad cholesterol, while the real kefir made using live kefir grains lowered bad cholesterol levels significantly.

Health benefits of live Kefir

1. Strongest natural remedy against allergy

2. Strongest natural antibiotic

3. Treats liver and gallbladder disease    dissolves gall bladder stones

4. Clears the body of salts, heavy metals, and alcoholic products

5. Cleans the body of chemical antibiotics

6. Treats kidney stones

7. Good bacteria in kefir fight off   pathogenic microorganisms

8. Lowers level of LDL cholesterol

9. Cleans the gastrointestinal tract

10. Treats Irritable Bowel Syndrome

11. Treats gastritis

12. Treats pancreatitis

13. Treats ulcers

14. Prevents and treats colon cancer

15. Improves digestion
17. Improves the body functions
18. Improves the human immune system
19. Cures Candida
20. Cures hypertension
21. Stops growth of cancer cells
22. Speeds up healing process
23. Treats psoriasis
24. Treats eczema
25. Treats inflammatory diseases
26. Reduces size of tumors
27. Treats heart disease
28. Reverses calcination of blood vessels
29. Clears the blood vessels
30. Boosts the bodies energy
31. Natural “feel good” food
32. Treats lung infections
33. Normalizes metabolism, weight loss
34. Cures acne
35. it's anti-oxidants and anti-aging
36. Nourishes hair
37. Treats the gum disease parodontosis
38. Lessens side effects of medicines
39. Replenishes body of good bacteria
40. Balances the micro flora
41. Regulates blood pressure
42. Lowers blood sugar
43. Lowers cholesterol and fatty acids
44. Treats diarrhea
45. Treats constipation
46. Promotes bowel movement
47. Anti-stress properties
48. Treats sleeping disorders
49. Treats depression
 Improves the brains neuro functions like reflexes, memory retention, attention, the five senses
52. Reduces flatulence
53. Lactic acid fermentation enhances the digestibility of milk-based foods.  People who cannot otherwise digest milk, can enjoy the vital calcium rich Kefir. 54. Treats yeast infection
55. Eliminates vaginal odors
56. Cures wrinkles
57. Treats arthritis
58. Treats colitis
59. Treats gout
60. Cures migraines
61. Treats rheumatism
62. Treats other stomach disorders
63. Detoxifies the body
64. Improves protein quality of milk, and enhances absorption and digestion
65. Good bacteria manufacture B vitamins such as B3, B6 and folic acid.
66. Aids in treating tuberculosis
67. Treats stomach cramps
68. Treats chronic intestine infections
69. Treats liver infections
70. Treats asthma
71. Treats bronchitis
72. Treats sclerosis
73. Treats anemia
74. Treats hepatitis
75. Healing effects on catarrh
76. Treats leaky gut syndrome
77. Prevents metastasis

Russians say that is it eases the misery of hangovers

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