Miracle Cabbage Juice

If you want beautiful, glowing skin, and a slim body devoid of aches and pains, then you MUST include this highly nutritious vegetable in your diet.

Cabbage is an incredible healer for the digestive tract and do wonders for the kidneys. Cabbage also contains high contents of sulfur and vitamin C, which help remove toxins, uric acid and free radicals and ease toxic load removal by the kidneys.

Cabbage is great for the skin, sulfur in cabbage is essential for keratin, a protein substance necessary for healthy hair, skin and nails. It is also great for a weight loss aid by curbing cravings and satisfying those parts of your brain that scream for otherwise unhealthy foods. 

Cabbage is also wonderful for reducing inflammation in the body. For centuries, cabbage has been used to treat swelling and bruising of the skin, as well as treat joint pain due to arthritis and sports injuries. 

Cabbage juice

 - 1 large green or purple cabbage.
- 1 lemon, peeled
- 2 apples of your choice
- 2 inches ginger root

 You could also blend this up in a Vitamix.