9 Ways to Boost Glutathione

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“The Mother of All Antioxidants” glutathione is one of the hottest topics in both natural health and medical circles today. (1) P

What Is Glutathione?

Glutathione (GSH) is a peptide consisting of three key amino acids that plays several vital roles in the body.
The functions that GSH is responsible ARE(67)
  • Helps the liver detoxify fat before bile is emitted, which takes stress off of the gallbladder.
  • Helps detoxifies a toxin produced as a by-product of metabolism.

Top 9 Foods to Boost Glutathione

1. Milk Thistle
Used for centuries by traditional folk medicine all across the world, milk thistle has long been praised as a remedy for immune dysfunction. Specifically, silymarin, a unique flavonoid complex derived from the milk thistle plant, has been used for liver damage and biliary tract disease. According to scientists, the secret to milk thistle’s healing prowess is its ability to enhance GSH. Shown to boost glutathione levels in ethanol-induced rats, it was discovered that milk thistle could actually help protect the liver from toxicity in the presence of alcohol consumption; which is well-known to cause glutathione levels to plummet. (17)

2. Whey Protein
Whey protein replenishes glutathione by boosting cysteine which helps rebuild glutathione when it is depleted from an immune response. (18) According to a recent studies, whey protein is the ideal supplement to help naturally increase glutathione for both fighting cancer, strengthening the immune system, increasing metabolism, and reducing appetite. (1920) Rich in glutathione, it is extremely important to purchase the right type of whey protein. Avoid any whey protein that is processed, or protein isolate. I recommend grass-fed why or goat whey protein as a dietary supplement. You will want to use a whey protein powder that is all natural or organic (when possible) and is completely free of pesticides, hormones, genetically modified organisms, artificial sweeteners and is gluten free.

3. Sulfur Foods
GSH concentrations take a nosedive in the liver and lungs when sulphur amino acid intake is inadequate. (20) This is one of the many reasons I recommend sulfur-rich, cancer-fighting cruciferous vegetables as a critical part of any natural health regimen. These include:
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
4. NAC
The unbelievably effective asthma remedy N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) helps decrease the severity and frequency of wheezing and respiratory attacks by boosting glutathione and thinning bronchial mucus. NAC is actually a precursor to GSH and it has recently been proven highly efficient at treating neurocognitive issues like addiction, compulsive behaviors, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. (21) I recommend taking 200-500mg 1x daily.

5. α-Lipoic Acid
a-Lipoic Acid helps restore GSH levels with any immune system depletion. In fact, it is part of my Reverse Diabetes Naturally in 30 Days or Less plan. Only 300-1200 mg of alpha lipoic acid daily helps improves insulin sensitivity and reduces symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. It has also been shown clinically to restore total blood GSH status and lymphocyte function in HIV/AIDS patients. (22)

6. Methylation Nutrients 
Vitamins B6, B9, B12, and biotin
Methylation ingredients “are perhaps the most critical to keep the body producing glutathione.” (23) The best (natural) way to keep your methylation ingredients at optimal levels is to simply eat these Top Folate Foods:
  • Liver
- 3 oz: 221 mcg (55% DV)
  • Spinach
- 1 cup: 56 mcg (14% DV)
  • Avocado
- ½ cup: 61 mcg (15% DV
  • Broccoli
- 1 cup: 57 mcg (14% DV)
Chicken - 3oz : 40%
Salmon - 3 oz: 40%
Potato 32%
Spinach - 1 cup 25%

Liver Detoxification

We remove unwanted chemicals from our blood in the liver and kidney, and this process involves two steps. The first of these two steps is to make the chemicals more water soluble to allow for the second step of binding and removal. The number of nutrients required for this first step is long, but vitamin B6 is clearly one of the most important. It is so important that researchers can induce liver dysfunction by adding a pyridoxine-depleted diet.

B9 __ folate

Spinach 67%
Broccoli 42%

Salmon 237%
Kefir 40%


Almonds 49%
eggs 27%
Walnuts 19%

Blood sugar balance

Diets low in biotin impair the production of insulin, a key hormone in the balancing of blood sugar. More recently, researchers have shown that deficiency of biotin also affects the way insulin acts on cells, giving a second reason that low biotin intake potentially creates problems.
Happily, many of the biotin-rich foods we list are also strong sources of fiber, which make them great staples for people with blood sugar problems. 

Skin health

Deficiency of biotin is also known to cause skin rash. This symptom occurs because biotin is necessary to build healthy fats in the skin. These fats keep the skin supple and moist, and when they are gone, the skin becomes flaky and irritated, biotin and omega-3 fatty acids , including salmon and eggs from pasture-raised chickens.

7. Selenium
Selenium works as a powerful anti-oxidant and is required for your body to create GSH. Be sure to stock your refrigerator and pantry with these Top Selenium Foods:
  • Egg – 1 large, 15 mcg (21% DV)
  • Spinach – 1 cup: 11 mcg 16%
  • Chicken
- 3 oz: 22 mcg 31% 
  • Brazil nuts – 6-8 nuts over 100% 
  • Salmon - 3oz : 47 mcg 67%

8. Vitamin C & E
Vitamin C helps raise glutathione in red blood cells and lymphocytes. (24) Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that works with GSH to prevent damage from reactive oxygen and protects glutathione-dependent enzymes.(25)  So working together, Vitamin C and E help recycle glutathione and keep you disease-free! 

Eating these Top Vitamin C and Top Vitamin E foods should be on all of our to-do lists. They together help keep glutathione at optimal levels and boost your immune systems and overall body function!

Vitamin C
  • Oranges
 – 1 large: 82 mg (over 100% DV)
  • Broccoli – 
½ cup cooked: 51 mg (107% DV)

Vitamin E
  • Almonds – 
1 oz: 7.3 mg (27% DV)
  • Spinach
 – 1 bunch: 6.9 mg (26% DV)
  • Avocado
 – 1 whole: 2.7 mg (10% DV)

9. Beef Liver
Not only is beef liver in my list of top selenium foods, but it has been shown to boost selenium and gluthione production better than supplements, because the nutrition has been concentrated in the liver, eating this organ from a local grass-fed, organic cow is a highly effective way to boost glutathione levels and that the levels of selenium in beef and in beef liver are far more bioavailable than supplements. (25)